Finance against Corporate Bonds:

With this most serious Instrument to finance Industrial Projects and Companies the financed Company neither doesn’t have to give shares or management to Third Parties, nor Guarantees to Banks, but has to pay fixed yearly Interest Rates and at Date of Maturity the whole Finance Loan back in one.


Finance and Purchase against fixed Leasing Annuities:

With this Specific Offer from Euromid a Company can buy and use Industrial Equipment as Trucks and Machines etc. The Company has to pay fixed Leasing Annuities which cover Interest Rate and Payback of Purchase-Price over a contracted period of years. The Purchase-Price doesn’t have to be guaranteed but the yearly Annuities have to be guaranteed by an excepted First Class International Bank up to the Date of Maturity.


Finance against Compensation with crude oil, ore, minerals etc:

Euromid is related to very big, international buyers of raw materials which are willing and able to finance large scale Industrial Projects as Refineries, Power Plants etc. to Governments and industrial Customers against Compensation with raw materials, delivered by the customer to port of shipment to contracted destination.