Finance of Industries

Finance of Machines, Industrial Equipment and Plants against fixed Leasing Purchase Annuities (LPA) instead of Bank Loans


1)   The Client (the Company which is interested to get machines, industrial equipment or complete plants) gets his Finance against fixed Leasing Annuities over a period of years as an individually constructed mean to the Client.

2)   This Finance (Leasing Purchase) of the Client – to get needed equipment without using a Bank Loan – gives the truly beneficial effect that at the beginning the Client doesn’t have to present Capital or Guarantees to a Bank for the whole purchase price of the equipment.

3)   Instead of this the Client has to present only a Guarantee given by his International Bank that the Leasing Purchase Annuities will be paid to our International Leasing Companies at Dates of Maturity till the end of the Finance Contract.  

4)   With this the Client pays his equipment over a contracted period of years out of his Earnings, which he can generate out of using this equipment.

5)   This is a unique Service of Euromid International to our esteemed Clients and a specific Offer to save Client’s Capital and Guarantees for Bank Loans.

6)  To prepare a Contract between the Client and our international Leasing- and Finance-Partners Euromid International has to prepare a specific Report (regarding the asked equipment and the Client’s Company) to our Leasing-Companies. This Report has to contain a specified Concept and a Proposal to discuss and negotiate Procedures and Contractual Conditions with the Financier.

7)   Euromid’s fee to prepare this specified Report to the Leasing-Companies is 3.000,– Euro up to 200,000 Euro asked Project Finance, 10.000,– Euro for up to 500,000 Euro, 20,000.– Euro for up to 10 Mio Euro, and 40,000.—Euro for higher Project Finance (additionally VAT if legal requirement).

For this the Client has to deliver to Euromid International further specified information to which the Client will receive a questionnaire after signing a contract with Euromid International.

Dr. Eng. Olaf Winkelmann