Titanium Ingots, Titanium slabs, Titanium Billets and Bars, Titanium Plates and Sheets, Titanium Wires, Titanium tubes and pipes and W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Ni wires bars and tubes etc. according to Chinese National Standard GB as well as ASTM and AMS specifications, which was manufactured by BAOJI Titanium manufacture plant.

Types Dimension (mm) SPECIFICATIONS Picture
INGOTS Nominal Diameter (mm) Φ 300—800 (+/-15mm
Weight (KG) 260—5000(+/-5%)
ASTM B348, B381, B265
GRADE –1, 2 & 5
SLABS (150~300)T x ≤ 9 00W x ≤ 60 00L (+/-12.5mm)
2 faces and 2 sides are machined

Manufacture of titanium ingots and titanium slabs ASTM C.P. and Ti6Al/4V, ASTM Grade 5, on TIPRO VAR melting system.

Titanium ingots manufactured at our mill are supplied for further production of titanium bars to industrial enterprises in Europe countries,North America,South America,Asia.


Titanium plates and sheets

Types Dimension (mm) Condition Specifications Picture
Plates Normal size
Th.(4.0-60)x (300-1000)x (1000-2000)mm
Hot rolled ASTM B 265
Grade 1,2,5,7& 12
Sheets Normal size
Th.(0.8-4.0)x (300-1000)x (1000-2000)mm
Cold rolled ASTM B 265
Grade 1,2,5,7& 12


Titanium bars

Types Dimension (mm) Condition Specifications Pictures
Bars Forged bars: Dia.(26-300)x <4000mm

Rolled bars Dia.(6-25)x < 4000 mm

Forged & rolled ASTM B 348,
F 67,F 136
AMS 4928
Grade 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,12,23
Titanium Rod & Bar Products List
Product AMS ASTM 6.0-12.7-25.4-76.0mm Condition
CP Grade-1 N/A B348 Gr-1,
F67 Gr-1
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-2 N/A B348 Gr-2,
F67 Gr-2
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-3 N/A B348 Gr-3,
F67 Gr-3
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
CP Grade-4 4921 B348 Gr-4,
F67 Gr-4
* Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-6Al-4V 4928 B348 Gr-5,
* Annealed
Ti-6Al-4V ELI 4930 B348 Gr-23,
* Annealed
Ti-3Al-2.5V 4943 B348 Gr-9 * Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-0.2Pd N/A B348 Gr-7 * Annealed or Cold Drawn
Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni N/A B348 Gr-12 * Annealed or Cold Drawn

We supply titanium bars produced either from customers’ materials or from our own titanium ingots. Our titanium bars can be produced in fellowing standards: ASTM B348,F67,F136, AMS 4928,MIT-9047,DIN,3.7025,3.7035,3.7165. Our plant produce titanium bars by our melting titanium ingots and working into hot rolled titanium bars, forged titanium bars, titanium machined bars.


Titanium tubes

Types Dimension (mm) Condition Specifications Pictures
seamless tubes Normal size:
OD.(8-120) x Th.(0.5-10) x Length <6000mm
Extruding and Rolling

ASTM B 338,B 861

Grade 1,2,& 9



We have advanced technology, craft is masterly。Our customers to provide suitable for various industries of industrial equipment and application of the new process and patented technology, in order to ensure the optimum efficiency, also meet the industry’s latest safety standard.

Our business parter.
All of our titanium products can be inspected by SGS if our customer need.