Corporate Bonds Offer

Currently there is a good chance to finance Companies and Industrial Projects based on “Corporate Bonds” instead of Loans or Emission of Shares

Here we would like to explain you how a Procurement of needed Capital works for your Company or your Industrial Project about Corporate Bonds, which will be issued on Stock Exchanges like Frankfurt, London, Vienna, or at a place of your choice, and will be sold by different involved Banks to their customers, if everything has been prepared from the beginning correctly – in a way described here:

Name of Bonds: e.g. Corporate Bonds Company XYZ Ltd.

Other name: Asset Backed Securities (ABS), for example, by the
patronage of Parent Corporation

Nominal value: € 100 per Bond

Sales value: 100%

Minimum purchase: 10 Bonds, each € 100

Issue Value: for € 10,000,000 to € 120,000,000 (same costs)

Trade Platform: Vienna Stock Exchange – or as first or second Stock
Exchange London, Frankfurt etc.

Public Placement: in the free regulated Second Market. The Official
Trade (1st Market) is intended only for Shares

Trader: Issuing Bank, Estate Agent, Members of the Stock

Termination: 10 years

Interest: 4.5 to 8.5% pa related to the Rating of the Company /

Obligations: ad hoc Obligation to Register. Audited Annual Balances
must be submitted annually, as well unaudited Semi-
annual Reports. Both will be published. Paying Agent, for
example, in Austria, UK


1. Establishment of a new Project Company in Country ABC (e.g., UK Ltd.).
Has not to be done, but simplifies further treatment – or working with the
already existing Company.

2. Selection of the proficient Company documents:

a) The most recent Annual Report (Balance) – or with establishment of the new
Project Company – the Opening Balance

b) Current Status Report on the Company (description of current Income and
Assets, Financial Circumstances)

c) The Company Design, Business Planning, and Profit Preview for the next
years; calculation of the expected profit yield

d) Description of the Company Strategy, the Product Philosophy and the
Marketing Perspectives of the Company as well as the Competitive Market

e) The listing of investment projects (so far secured existing) and / or one
general description of the investment intentions
f) The short representation of a Company Portrait and the Company history

g) The presentation of the company-statutes and the trade register extract as
well as her Partner’s list

h) Presentation of Know-how in the operational business of the Company

3. Realization

a) Draft of the Sales Brochure

b) Discussion with the Investment Bank which accompanies the issue

c) Brochure discussion and their acceptance by a specialized lawyer

d) to present Applications for the Stock Exchange and for the Supervisory Authority

e) Bond text Design, allow to approve and printed

f) Applications submit to the Stock Exchange and the Supervisory Authority

g) Applications pursue

h) Market preparation

i) Buyer’s applications / contracts create

j) Application ISIN (this number identifies the Bond)

k) Listing on the Stock Exchange of Vienna or London, Frankfurt etc.

l) Listing with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s (Rating Companies)

4. Cost

Stock exchange: approx. 4.000 € unique
                                  approx. 450 € annually
Lawyer: approx. 30.000 €
Auditors: approx. 30.000 €
Brochure production: approx. 20.000 €
Brochure printing: approx. 6.000 €
Supervisory authority: approx. 7.000 € with all Approvals and Publications
Printing of the Bonds: approx. 5.000 € to 7.000 €
Bank: approx. 15.000 €
Miscellaneous: approx. 8.000 €

Total Cost: approx. 126.000 € plus Consultancy Fee

Consultancy Fee for the whole execution and implementation of this procedure will be charged related to a Consultancy Contract, which has to be negotiated, closed and signed at start of the project.

Dr. Eng. Olaf Winkelmann