Remarks Start Finance

Remarks to Start Finance against Corporate Bonds


1)   The Client has / you have to look at this Finance against Corporate Bonds (CB) as an Individually Constructed Mean to your Company’s or Industrial Project’s clearly specified financial needs to create and realize – following a schedule – good earnings for the Client out of new business activities. Client’s earnings out of these new business activities (or if under Patronage of the Mother Company all earnings of the Group) have to be expected high enough to pay each year over a termination period of 8 to 10 years a fixed interest rate of 4.5 to 8.5 % (regarding Rating of the Project) to the CB Buyers – and to pay back – at termination – 100 % of the Investment to the CB-Buyers in one step only.

2)    The Stock Exchanges where the CBs will be emitted give Strict Regulations for the way how the Emission of CBs has to be prepared and then offered to the Market. We will support you to go this way following a Consultancy Contract you have to close with us in front.

3)   We offer the Consultancy and Support against Consultancy fee to Clients who like to use our Support to finance their own projects against CB.

4)   The Costs that will come up out of our Consultancy Work will be specified to Client Step by Step and will be offered to the Client in front and – if Client agrees – charged in front of every specified step against invoice.

5)   The First Costs for start Consultancy are 3.000,– Euros up to 15 Mio Euro asked Project Finance, 5.000,– Euro for up to 50 Mio Euro, and 8.000,– Euro for up to 100 Mio Euro asked Project Finance (additionally VAT if legal requirement). For this Client has to deliver asked short papers which are described in “First Steps of Client …” (attached here). This only covers our fee for studying your project and specified financial needs to give you an Expert Idea if we would expect that Client’s Project will have a good Perspective to create needed finance against CB following the offered way. If Client asks for a more detailed written report from us to his Project and Perspectives this will cost additionally between 1.500,– and 5.000,– Euro related to the Details our Report to Client shall include.

6)   If out of this first short Analysis we will expect a serious Chance to create the asked Finance against CB, a Consultancy Contract will be offered, closed and signed.

7)   If Client asks for Personal Visit of Consultants at his Company’s or Project’s site travel expenses and fee for consultancy-days have to be paid in advance against invoice.

Dr. Eng. Olaf Winkelmann